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14 responses to “Photo Gallery

  1. A. Queen

    Sorry just correcting :
    personally, child, William

  2. A. Queen

    I wasn’t aware of this beautiful gift to missouri from Princess Diana,
    and I will make my best to arrange a trip to KC to have this unique experience from london.
    I personal want to thank her family to make this effort of preserving her legacy of kindness, compassion, beauty, motherhood, and Royal dignity
    I proudly say that my second chil and her second child were born the same day 9-15 and that my father’s name was william as well, my first born name is Alma and she speaks French and on so for we had many similarities the the except that I was grow up in an orphanage and the model’s name of my first home was buckingham, the last name of one of my best friends is Spencer she is a nurse and I was even a hospital nurse assistant!
    and on and on and on.
    I have goose bumps just writing all of this.
    I just feel humbly bless with the way her life had impacted mine.
    we were born the same year.

  3. Katie

    I love Princess Diana she was a wonderful person and she cared so much for the sick and the poor. I hope she ‘s happy for Kate and William and i’m sure she was smiling down on them for there wedding.

  4. I remember the excitement leading up to the royal wedding in 1981. As I watched it with my grandmother, we were both glued to the TV and didn’t want to miss a second! I own a wedding business now, and am just as excited to see tomorrow’s big event. Thanks for creating an event that allows the whole community to take part!

  5. Lyn

    Princess Diana was truly a woman with a great heart for all people. She is missed by the people around the world. She is an inspiration to many. She cared for the sick and the handicapped. I truly enjoyed reading stories of her. THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

  6. Clara

    I know several replicas were made of the wedding dress to serve as backups. is this the dress that was worn to the ceremony in 1981?

  7. shelley sommer

    i love and thinking of her . i am proud of her , she care of sick people and handicap,deaf people , she is wonderful, she interesting learn language sign.
    i sure she will be happy , william will be marry with kate in good future,
    i missed her so much.

  8. naomi bundley

    Diana has been missed by many I still think of her she was reallly the people
    Princess and her son are following in her footsteps thank for making the showing her her personal efeect possible

  9. Digna Batalla

    I really admired Diana for being so sweet and lovely lady. She is truly missed and the world will always remember a true princess! Thank you for such a beautiful site.

  10. Roma Chandool

    Both me and my husband are in love with Daina and her story.I have many memorable of Diana.She was not only beautiful but graceful like a real Lady.God bless her and her boys.

  11. Jill Castagna

    I have followed Diana since before she became engaged to Charles. She was such a fresh air breeze that just whispered through. I saw her in Nova Scotia where I was living at the time. When she had William, was such a wonderful experience for all of us.
    Hard to nelieve she is gone. To this day, she is remembered as a lovely child-like woman. We love her and miss her as we would a daughter.
    Thank you for the beautiful tribute!

  12. Tina Malouf

    I have followed Princess Diana from the time she married to her death. She was an inspiration to many with her warmth and kindness. She is truly missed and the world will always remember a true princess! She would have been so proud of William and his upcoming marriage.

  13. Barb Ciofalo

    Thank you for such a beautiful site. I still think about Diana and I’m sure the world misses her everday. I hope she is smiling down upon Wills and Katherine.

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