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Diana, A Celebration, Union Station Kansas City: Only 5 weeks left

It is difficult to believe that Diana, A Celebration, has been at Union Station Kansas City for 10 weeks. Only five weeks remain before the exhibition, which is in its last North American appearance, will be on it way back to England. Jun 12 came quickly.

But there is still plenty of time to purchase tickets and see this award-winning presentation before its last day, June 12. From all indications, the trip is well worth it. Outstanding reviews continue to come in from people who have seen Diana, A Celebration.

Here are a few examples (edited for spelling, grammar, etc.):

“I honor of Prince William’s wedding we went to the display. I enjoyed learning about her childhood. The collection of her clothes with the pictures of her wearing them was beautiful. The wedding dress was good to see.”

“The exhibit was thought-provoking, interesting, beautifully laid out, and educational. I was impressed and did not expect to be.”

“The exhibit was just what a fan of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, would love. Her elegant dresses were as stunning in person as in photographs. The exceptional styling and craftsmanship of those outfits, including her wedding dress, were obvious. To have seen her in person must have been a life-altering event. The environment was very good, so kudos to Kansas City’s Union Station.”

“The exhibit left you feeling how lucky we were to have had her in our world and feeling inspired to do good works.”

“Well worth the time to view priceless jewels, childhood articles, gowns/dressed and the fabulous wedding.”

“Wonderful exhibit of Diana’s dress and other personal items. It was very moving to be so close to things that were part of her life.”

“We loved the tracking of Diana’s life from childhood on including her wonderful charity work. And the clothes were just great. I believe I enjoyed them more than the spectacular wedding dress. We came away from the exhibit with a good feeling and would recommend it to anyone interested in such things.”

“It was  great forum for the three generations of women in our family (who just celebrated a wedding, a 25-year wedding anniversary and a 50th wedding anniversary!) to reminisce, admire, compare and discuss design, weddings, families, jewels and history.”

“I went to see the Diana Exhibit because I was in awe of her and what she stood for. After leaving the exhibit, I love her even more. I was surprised to see the large selection of items to view. I loved every minute of it and would highly recommend stopping in. I left with bittersweet feelings. So glad I could experience it, but sad because it brought  back to the forefront how I felt when she died. This is one you don’t want to miss!”

So little time left for an event that has moved thousands of people from all over the Midwest. Tickets for Diana, A Celebration, are available through all Ticketmaster outlets, the Union Station ticket office, the Sprint Center box office and www. unionstation.org.


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Diana, A Celebration, Union Station Kansas City: Still more outstanding exhibition reviews

Thousands of men, women and children have seen Diana, A Celebration, since the exhibition opened March 4, and interest continues to grow. The excitement is not surprising, given the glowing reviews that continue to stream in.

Here are a few new examples from Ticketmaster (all reviews are published as written):

“In Kansas City at the Union Station, the Princess Diana exhibit was certainly worth seeing. I would highly recommend taking all of the family. It would be suitable for the kids and the grandparents. The atmosphere and ambience of the exhibit make you feel like what it would be to grow up and live in English aristocracy. But, most importantly, you get a real sense of Diana, the person and the personal. I am glad her family shared those aspects of her life with us. Also, what made the rest of the afternoon even better, after the exhibit, we went upstairs to have lunch at Pierpont’s restaurant (in the Union Station). What a great day it was!!”

“Diana: a Celebration was a first class exhibit. The exhibit focused on Diana’s life from a child through her marriage, charity work and death. It had her famous wedding dress, personal notes and letters, some of her designer gowns from when she was princess and after, and there were some of the family jewels. I really was touched by seeing the personal video of Diana as a child with her siblings.”

“Diana: A Celebration was breathtaking. I went with my mother and two daughters. The layout worked so well. The Spencer history and jewels were magnificent . . . to see her history was incredible. The exhibit on her childhood was so sweet and well done. The most magnificent part was to be in the same room with her wedding dress. I remember staying up all night to see the wedding. . . this brought it all back. It was everything I hoped it would be. The rest of the exhibit — the dresses, her philanthropy, pictures from her reign were all wonderful and reminded me how lucky we were to have her for that short time. She was extraordinary. We will remember what we saw there for a long time to come. I am so glad my daughters know Diana better and why we all loved her so much.”

“We really enjoyed the ‘Diana: A Celebration” exhibit. We were especially struck by the volumes of condolence books and the dresses were beautiful. Diana’s involvement in the variety of charitable causes was very moving and inspiring. Very sa to have lost such an amazing person.”

“I could not believe how emotional it was to walk through. A must see event.”

“Simply amazing — beautifully done. The display brought back so many memories of a young lady who became everyone’s Princess; I cried — just as I did the day she got married and on the day we learned about her death. She will live on in all of us, because someone cared enough to share it with the world.”

The comments speak for themselves. Tickets for Diana, A Celebration, are available through all Ticketmaster outlets, the Union Station ticket office, the Sprint Center box office and www.unionstation.org.


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