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Diana, A Celebration, Union Station, Kansas City: Really obscure royal wedding trivia

How is this for love? Kate Middleton is allergic to horses, yet she almost always shows up for Prince William’s polo matches. Aaachoo! Scratch, scratch.

That is one of the sillier bits of information about the Kate and William floating around the Web. There are also little-known facts about other royals and their nuptials (and the consequences). Sites such as royal-weddings.org and zoomermag.com, among many others, are treasure troves of detail, most of which is useless but fun. None of it seems to be especially mean-spirited. It is the kind of thing most people would not mind the world knowing.

For example, Kate and William attended the University of St. Andrews. One in 10 former students from that institution wound up marrying an alumnus. Royal-weddings.com calls St. Andrews “the unofficial matchmaking agency of the rich and famous.”

And there’s more. . .

Prince Edward married a public relations executive back in 1999. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, finally quit her job in 2002 so she could help her husband with his work. The couple now has two children: Lady Louise Windsor and Viscount Severn. The family has some rather important roles to play in soon-to-happen royal wedding. Sophie is helping Kate learn how to manage her new role. Lady Louise, at seven, will be a bridesmaid. It is also rumored that Sophie is the Queen’s favorite daughter-in-law.

The Church of England frowns on divorce. So, when Princess Anne married her second husband, Tim Laurence, the ceremony was performed at a church in Scotland. Anne was the first divorced royal to remarry since 1905. The two were married on December 12, 1992.

One member of the royal family — 13th in line to the throne — owns a furniture-making company. David Linley met Serena Stanhope in 1992 when he was commissioned by Serena’s father, Lord Petersham, to design furniture. Their children are Charles and Margarita Armstrong-Jones. Serena has a clothing budget of around $155,000 and, according to People magazine, is seldom seen in the same outfit more than once.

And that is that. The royal wedding is tomorrow. No more time for trivia. Busy, busy, busy.

The big event honoring the Big Event in Kansas City will be the Royal Wedding Watch Party at Union Station. The festivities begin at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow, April 29, and it is free and open to the public.

The party presents an excellent opportunity to see the Diana, A Celebration exhibition. It is a fine way to honor the grooms late mother and learn much more about her life and work. Admission is free from 3:00 to 6:00 a.m. and just $5.00 from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. It seems a fitting tribute to the People’s Princess on this special day at Union Station, the People’s Palace.

Regular tickets to Diana, A Celebration, are available through all Ticketmaster outlets, the Union Station ticket office, the Sprint Center box office and www.unionstation.org.


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Diana, A Celebration, Union Station Kansas City: News about the Royal Wedding Watch Party

The big day is nearly here, and Union Station Kansas City is ready for it. The Royal Wedding Watch Party — which is free and open to the public — promises to be a major event, and no one is complaining about showing up at 3:00 a.m. to start the festivities. Local and even national media will be on hand to take part in and cover the big party.

Of course, most people who attend just want to share the experience with others, but there are also some great incentives to be on hand from the start. For example, admission to the Diana, A Celebration, exhibition will be free from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Admission will then be just $5.00 until 10:00 a.m.

The first 10 people to arrive at the party will win a Mother’s Day brunch at Harvey’s Union Station and a free ticket to Diana, A Celebration. The first 50 people get a complimentary exhibition ticket, and the first 100 receive a Union Jack and a tiara.

Guests can enter to win tickets to a Jimmy Buffet concert. One lucky bride and groom will win a rehearsal dinner for 20 people. Guests an also enter to win a Mother’s Day gift package that includes brunch at Harvey’s Union Station, a complimentary ticket to Diana, A Celebration, and a catalog of the exhibition.

Two VIP tickets to Celebration at the Station, featuring the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra on Memorial Day will be given away, along with many other prizes, including a night at the Westin Crown Center Hotel, Union Station Kansas City membership, QT gas card, NBC gift baskets, $25 gift certificate to Jack Stack BBQ, and Diana memorabilia.

To top it all off, a grand giveaway will be announced. All that can be said right now is that the giveaway has a value of $25,000.

Indications are that the Royal Wedding Watch Party crowd will be large, so it would be wise to arrive early and find a comfortable spot near the video monitors that will carry live coverage of the wedding.

The day does not end when the wedding is over. The ceremony will be replayed all day. From 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., a Royal Wedding Reception will feature champagne and the official chocolate biscuit wedding cake. Union Station members can enjoy this event at no charge. Nonmembers pay just $8.50.

Updates on the royal wedding and the Union Station Royal Wedding Watch Party are available at facebook.com/unionstationkcmo. Twitter followers can find the information @unionstationkc.

Regular tickets for Diana, A Celebration, are available through all Ticketmaster locations, the Union Station ticket office, the Sprint Center box office and www.unionstation.org.


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Diana, A Celebration, Union Station Kansas City: Princess Diana exhibition receives more rave reviews

A the number of people visiting Diana, A Celebration, at Union Station Kansas City passes the 34,000 mark, the reviews of the exhibition reported by Ticketmaster continue to be overwhelmingly positive. “I was in awe of everything,” says a post on March 11. “So glad I got to see the exhibit. I wanted to take everything home.”

Everything in the exhibition will be going home to England after June 12, so Diana, A Celebration will only be around for less than two months. This is its final North American appearance.

There is still plenty of time to see Diana, A Celebration, though, and here are a few reasons — gleaned from the Ticketmaster reviews — to take the few hours necessary to explore the exhibition (edited only for non-substantive content):

“We really enjoyed this entire display of her life.”

“Diana was so much more than the wife of Prince Charles! This celebration of her life gives on the insight of where her heart is and that is with people all over the world. It was fun to see videos of her childhood and to realize that she enjoyed the same things other children enjoy . . . swimming . . . playing with siblings . . . etc. The exhibit is very well done and well worth one’s time to see it. Viewing the volumes of condolences received upon her untimely death makes on realize how much she was loved. Thanks to the Spencer family for sharing so much of Diana’s life with all of us. And thanks to Union Station for bringing it to Kansas City.”

“The Diana Exhibit was terrific. Very well done and very moving. There was a wide variety of items on display. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.”

“What a wonderful tribute to a most amazing woman. It was just so interesting and presented in such a way that you could take your time and really absorb everything.”

“Awesome experience. Loved that everything was ‘real’ and not a replica. THE dress is amazing — as were the other 26 gowns.”

“I am glad to have had the opportunity of seeing th wedding dress and the film of the wedding, other clothes she wore, family pictures and videos and learning more about her. . . . I was not aware that there were so many condolence books — that was quite astonishing.”

“Stunning collection of designer gowns. Extremely well presented. Well worth a visit. The Spencer jewels are exquisite.”

“My mother and daughter-in-law and I all enjoyed the Diana exhibit. They had displays from all her ages, and we learned many things we didn’t know about her. As a former bridal designer and custom dressmaker, I really enjoyed the CLOTHES!”

“Beautiful, emotional, unforgettable. We are fortunate to get the exhibit in KC.”

“The exhibition was a moving tribute to an amazing lady. The tribute room moved me to tears.”

Tickets for Diana, A Celebration, are available through all Ticketmaster outlets, the Union Station ticket office, the Sprint Center box office and www.unionstation.org.

Be sure to attend the Royal Wedding Watch Party at Union Station on Friday, April 29, starting at 3:00 a.m. Admission to Diana, A Celebration will be free from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and just $5.00 from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. There will be giveaways and prizes, including a full wedding reception for up to 250 people.


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